QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) CodeQuick Response Codes (aka QR Codes) are gaining popularity in our technologically driven world, as more and more people fulfill their craving for information with a quick search on their smartphone or other handheld device.

Basically, QR codes are a two-dimensional, matrix barcode, printed in black with white backgrounds.  These barcodes are easily scanned with UPC barcode scanners, like those offered by many smartphone apps.

Initially invented by Toyota in 1994 to track vehicles rolling down their assembly lines, today, QR codes are widely used by companies and organizations to link their print advertisements to web sites, videos, contact information, or any other supplemental information an organization desires.  When scanned, the QR code makes static images or printed material dynamic and engaging, allowing the reader to jump into an engaged experience with the company or organization being highlighted.

Whether used on a Business Card, Flyer, Brochure, or any other printed promotional product, QR codes will take your printed marketing ad to another level in no time!  E-mail us today to find out more about this great option.